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  1. 54markl より:

    I’d like to go to this island some day. It looks beautiful.

  2. My father was stationed there, after the bombing of Pearl.

  3. Marius Mihaila より:

    Un loc excelent , fără fufe , fără excroci sau cocalari . Mă rog să mă învrednicească Dumnezeu să ajung acolo , la odihnă .

  4. James Peck より:

    I was there in the late 80’s and what I remember the most was the beautiful water

  5. Oxidize より:

    21 hours ahead of California

  6. Oxidize より:

    21 hours ahead of California

  7. DjRustamich より:

    Kiritimati : on the edge of the world from all sides !

  8. I visited Kiritimati in 1995, and have wanted to return ever since! This video gave me chills!

  9. roxrach より:

    i will visit Kiritimati 🙂

  10. Tom Reagan より:

    omg i would never leave if i went there..

  11. Puffin より:

    what's the song?

  12. Brian Rapp より:

    1993 Brian rapp waterways teamrider longboarder surf tigerstrip reef longest wave in world big eddie caption cook hotel rules canyonlocalfilmscom

  13. mmmmm nice one te tabo aei…

  14. Fasinated with polynisian culture………

  15. FREISme より:

    …nice…what hotel?

  16. juan hinojosa より:

    El lugar paradisiaco lo voy a comprar cuando sea el más rico de mundo

  17. i wish to stay there with my puppy dog july!
    i love you july and soon or late i will spend my holiday with of my life!


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