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➤Youtube クリスマストランポリンパーク体操、ボウリング、クリスマスツリーイベント| Bethany GのVlogmas


Vlogmas – スカイゾーントランポリンパークでの体操の楽しみ、ボーリングとVIPチケットのクリスマスツリー照明イベントへ戻る体操の失敗と楽しみ、ビデオブログと家族にやさしいビデオ


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  1. Gymnast_Dog より:

    Omg that's exactly the same with me! Me and my friend bought each other gifts and she is staying on that Friday

  2. Lexy Church より:

    Can u do a house tour

  3. E Long より:

    Everytime I go to jump parks there's tons of kids there. Your bowling balls are so cute!

  4. Gina Intravaia より:

    Why are the bowling balls so small??


    You should do some behind the scenes videos too because that would be really cool to see how you do your videos.

  6. SydPlayzMc より:

    Do a Christmas list video!!

  7. Ana C. より:

    Their bowling balls are so weird! I live in America.


    to like my own lmao

  9. Hope everyone has a safe and loving Christmas with their families.

  10. I luv you Bethany ur so beautiful

  11. Cayden Costello より:

    hi bethany i'm early i live your vids you are such a great gymnast and who ever reads this comment hope you have a great day

  12. Saskia Rplayz より:

    I have summer vacation now! I live in South Africa♥♥♥

  13. Marnie S より:

    Who else is excited for Christmas??

  14. Mara Müller より:

    What time is it ther wehr you life sorry my englisch is bad becaus im from germny pleas anser me bey

  15. Pidge Gilmore より:

    What is your favourite tumble track product? ❤️


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