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➤Youtube クリスマスPCゲーム 『ギルティクラウンロストクリスマス』 PV VER.2.0


2012年7月26日(木)ニトロプラスより発売予定のWindows専用ADVゲーム 『ギルティクラウンロストクリスマス』の第2弾PVです。原作:ギルティクラウ…


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  1. いわお より:


  2. Rosario Rolon より:

    I want this to b a movie

  3. pipes9210 より:

    Does someone know the title of the music that played in this video?

  4. KorvinCorax より:

    Charles Dickens – Christmas Carol = Guilty Crown WTF??? =_=

  5. CnSins より:

    hey peoples here.. would u please reply me a link of this game?

  6. And that's how nitro+ creates new protagonist.

  7. Erica Hartmann より:

    Yep! Which makes him even more badass.

  8. But Scrooge's power is more dangerous than Ouma Shu.

  9. Yu Tamura より:


  10. Satoshi Nan より:

    i think so , since the kings power only hold by 3 ppl , there is a possibility shu inherit scrooge's. tragic will still happen , since the lost christmas event is going to happen

  11. Pedro Sousa より:

    hm,…you mean he will become the samething as mana? or worse? D;

  12. Satoshi Nan より:

    nitro+: shu is a total failure so we made a badass scrooge for you

  13. Satoshi Nan より:

    he will bring mass destruction on lost christmas , there will also be tragic ending , to complete the story pass to shu's time

  14. Satoshi Nan より:

    i just cant stand with shu's cowardness that cause so much people die along the way=.= the main character should be super bad-ass and and superior

  15. Cesar Welchez より:

    Ill Cry of Happyness if there a season 2… But thanks for the info, ova gonna be interesting =)

  16. Cesar Welchez より:

    hey i search alot, and i found its actually a visual novel and its gonna be release next month

  17. Cesar Welchez より:

    you gonna make me cry of happyness if this is actually true :',D

  18. Linkmstr より:

    That's why they'll have light novels and the Lost Xmas game to fill in those plot holes =P

  19. Darkcanx8 より:

    It could be good, but there is the fact that there a lot of plot holes left in the first season, too much for just one OVA i think.

  20. Linkmstr より:

    better have it as an OVA then =P
    there's still a chance at that, right?

  21. Darkcanx8 より:

    I know is a prequel, my point is that if there is a chance that there is a second season as their creators say is much more easy to see this guy as protagonist than Shu.

  22. Linkmstr より:

    this is a prequel

  23. Darkcanx8 より:

    Have you though, maybe this guy is who going to appear in the second season as protagonist… well if there is indeed a second season like a want.

    I meean Shu is really in a bad shape at the end, is difficult for me to see how he can became a protagonist. the DAATH is still active… i mean he just desapear at the end of the battle therefore i don't think that is the end, maybe the visual novel is to make an appereance of the new character.. just my point of view (Sorry mistake in my english)

  24. MeE より:


  25. CIFFxenonATE より:


  26. Pedro Sousa より:

    hm…i really hope he is superir than shu
    but then again we also know he wont have a happy ending…
    since he is not show on shu's time…
    but while he is there i hope he seriously kick some asses kkkkkk

  27. D1E.xfri より:



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