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『トランプ大統領Donald Trump Talks China, North Korea In Impromptu Interview | NBC Nightly News ➤youtube』へのコメント

  1. mrjo2thec 2018/03/06(火) 08:24:35

    No footage of "impromptu interview" described in title. Tossers.

  2. Jason Guthro 2018/03/06(火) 08:24:35

    The reason this system works is because of aspre de Corp. Military tradition means a lot, and only a hand full of countries have this. This does not include China. They have undeniably the oldest military in one form or another in terms of a country that exists today, but they are not in the old world's club of nations. For good reason. They don't play by any rules in terms of maritime law, sanctions imposed by the UN on North Koea, or simple embargoes. I consider them a Rouge state on steroids to be honest. Just look at their human rights violations.

  3. TheZenith12345 2018/03/06(火) 08:24:35

    There's no doubt that Kim loves his weapons and loves to talk about them… geeze sounds alot like the U.S to me. Both need to come up with a better solution not just talk about how big there guns are.

  4. mercury poizund 2018/03/06(火) 08:24:35

    North Korea won the Korean War by VIRTUE OF THE FACT America still keeps over 23000 soldiers in South Korea. Lol.. For what? To bilk the American taxpayer for more DEFENSE MOOLAH.LOLLOL…

  5. KonaBoiKeoki 2018/03/06(火) 08:24:35

    every single container in American and Canadian storage yards needs to be checked

  6. nick canale 2018/03/06(火) 08:24:35


  7. Kylo Ren 2018/03/06(火) 08:24:35

    Biased press

  8. Lance Pickell 2018/03/06(火) 08:24:35

    evil media.
    It was a Hong Kong registered ship owned by individual businessmen who leased it to a smuggling Taiwanese oppourtunist…..

    get your news from BBC folks they are way more credible

  9. Henry Maravilla 2018/03/06(火) 08:24:35


  10. Jacky Gunneson 2018/03/06(火) 08:24:35


  11. Keyser Soze 2018/03/06(火) 08:24:35

    Holy crap China disobey America oooooouuu I'm tellin mom

  12. Kevin Reid 2018/03/06(火) 08:24:35

    Why does Russia have to stop trades with nkorea? Because america us mad at noko? Lol america has sanctions on Russia too .. they don't owe america anything. You don't want trades with noko that's fine but others don't have to stop because america stoped lol like a spoiled child not getting there way

  13. Jon Fisher 2018/03/06(火) 08:24:35

    I could have told you years ago that China was feeding North Korea. I always knew those morons couldn't come up with a hydrogen bomb by themselves . All talk, no action it seems like with the states. I guess their just going to wait to be attacked and lose thousands of lives or more before they do something.

  14. james w 2018/03/06(火) 08:24:35

    Want Russia and China to help? Right now they don't care if N Korea has nukes, so you turn the tables on them and declare Taiwan and the Ukraine as members of NATO and as such are permitted to have nuclear weapons. See how they like it when their enemies have access to these types of weapons and next put a 25% tariff on any goods from China or Russia to even the playing field for american companies that have to pay employees a decent wage.

  15. o o 2018/03/06(火) 08:24:35

    The "Art of the Deal " …North Korea fires off a few missiles…Trump panics and goes to China for help…China sells Trump a lot of junk ….Trump gives China U.S. technology and money..and China gives North Korea some rice. MAGA.!!!

  16. McFlipsPies 2018/03/06(火) 08:24:35

    What if an ally of N Korea is doing this to have an excuse to invade the USA when they retaliate against Korea and attack

  17. Rob Simpson 2018/03/06(火) 08:24:35

    Trump the Chump!

  18. Jack Brown 2018/03/06(火) 08:24:35

    Body Language Analysis No. 4163: Donald Trump and Xi Jinping – (Relatively) Beta and Alpha – Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence

  19. Sam Pak 2018/03/06(火) 08:24:35

    North Koreans starving to death This new sanction will make it worse. Trump knows it too. He want North Korean starve to death. He needs to send envoy to North korean resol ve this crisis

  20. Opinion Matters 2018/03/06(火) 08:24:35

    The Chinese govt is two face, as the people are. Shame

  21. KDaNiFL O 2018/03/06(火) 08:24:35

    People needa eat

  22. Joe Smerksky 2018/03/06(火) 08:24:35

    The art of the deal has failed the American people.

  23. Maintenance Man 2018/03/06(火) 08:24:35


  24. basterfa84 2018/03/06(火) 08:24:35

    "us treasury satellite images" wtf?

  25. J Stevens 2018/03/06(火) 08:24:35

    With my generation and some before me plus the left and right wing politpolitical movements, my prediction is that approval ratings will never be what they used to be. We can't get over half of the voting population to agree on one president and his administration. I hate the fact that trump was able to become a walk on president like he did, but I don't think he is any different than Obama and bush when it comes to actual change. I would hate to be president right now.

  26. Max z 2018/03/06(火) 08:24:35

    fake news

  27. C J Titan 2018/03/06(火) 08:24:35

    Capitalism doesn't allow for a peaceful world, war is too profitable.

  28. Noel Nunez 2018/03/06(火) 08:24:35

    Looks like china will be new world power next year. Gpd (building) military exceeds ours, their economy will surpass ours in 2018. They feeding north korea what they need to strike first. Their space propulsion engine works. Whats next, human head transplant wait thats happening next year. Also the empty buildings build by the dozen is to house us after the war.

  29. Noel Nunez 2018/03/06(火) 08:24:35

    Looks like china will be new world power next year. Gpd (building) military exceeds ours, their economy will surpass ours in 2018. They feeding north korea what they need to strike first. Their space propulsion engine works. Whats next, human head transplant wait thats happening next year. Also the empty buildings build by the dozen is to house us after the war.

  30. Triston Oliver 2018/03/06(火) 08:24:35

    Dear Reader – North Korea reached their actual nuclear goal a long time ago
    NK knew, and the US/allies knew, that they only needed to be able to nuke SK and Japan as a credible deterrent.
    In fact, the US top brass were even against the idea of a preemptive attack when NK only had their massive artillery aimed at SK and no nukes!
    My sense is the Kim Regime was going hard at testing missiles that could reach the US, so that they could turn around and use that as leverage in negotiations.
    I predict NK will soon offer to stop further development and testing of missiles, in exchange for a significant easing of sanctions.
    Which of course will mean that they still have a fully functional nuclear capability against SK and Japan as a deterrent.
    Well played Kim.

  31. Curt Fisher 2018/03/06(火) 08:24:35

    WTF is up with these 30 second ads??

  32. tino v 2018/03/06(火) 08:24:35

    Israhell has violated all U.N. resolutions so why not China or any China breaking the law… hypocrites

  33. Серж Шуляченко 2018/03/06(火) 08:24:35

    While Obama was amused entertainment gaiety, North Korea was building up its nuclear potential.
    Trump loses the cold war of North Korea. The US is losing its superpower status. Liberal Obama led the US to a decline in leadership, in the economy, and confidence in the future. Addiction increases.

  34. 漢子 2018/03/06(火) 08:24:35

    How could such news station exists?No common sense at all.UN resolution is not to ban oil shipment to N Korea but to restrict the export of oil to them .If NK continues their nuclear tests again,then harsher sanctions will be imposed.If there is complete ban on oil shipment, all the NK ppl will die.The economy will stall,the factories cannot produce goods.The people will be frozen to death.How come the west doesn't have common sense?

  35. 五月花 2018/03/06(火) 08:24:35

    what a evil media

  36. Zee Ter 2018/03/06(火) 08:24:35

    Keep spreading your FakeNews boys…looks like your time is running out.

  37. Joe Paradise 2018/03/06(火) 08:24:35


  38. jay wassabi 2018/03/06(火) 08:24:35

    how many ppl saw this and Donald man who can't leave with out you

  39. Ksi Roby 2018/03/06(火) 08:24:35

    Disgrace his approval rating just dropped again and its going to dropped again in 2018

  40. MrAmendment 111% 2018/03/06(火) 08:24:35

    Heck yeah mr President!!! #maga