[ Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered ] Open Question : Can i date him? Am i dating my "brother"?➤Yahoo Ansers

First of all this is true and its happening.
So my mom is going to marry for the second time and she is going to marry a great man that i acept as my “father” . They were dating for 2 years and he have a son.
Long story short, we started seeing each other more than “brothers”.
For about 6 monts we been dating without anyone knowing. Im 16 and he is 18 and im being serious when i say that i love him and he loves me.
But my mom and my step father like i said, they are about to marry, and that will mean that the person that i most love and care in the world will turn my step brother.
We wanna date and we love each other, what do we do?
Is it wrong since he is not a blood brother?
Can we date?
Plz real answer we need help. BTW, im bi and he is gay.

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