[ Primary & Secondary Education ] Open Question : My counselor won’t listen. I need help.?➤Yahoo Ansers

Pretty much I want to double up on sciences next year (I’m gonna be a sophomore). I wanna take honors chemistry and honors anatomy. This is because I have an extra elective slot. I have spoken to both teachers, and they highly recommended my decision.

I told my counselor, first she lied saying I needed chemistry before hand. Then she lied saying anatomy was only for juniors and seniors. Now she’s claiming only juniors and seniors can double up and that I’m otherwise “cheating the system.” This is the same woman who gave last years valedictorian honors credit for being a TA (teacher assistant).

I was, however, thrilled to learn I was just assigned a new counselor. My question is, how do I approach the situation? I’m guessing I play dumb and hope she gives me my request. But if she refuses as well, what should I do? I asked my science teacher and he said there is no written rule about doubling up, but the counselors don’t care. Should I get my parents involved? Thanks.

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