[ Singles & Dating ] Open Question : Don’t like spanking as a sex act anymore?➤Yahoo Ansers

I’m in my late 20’s and have been with my boyfriend for close to a year now. In the beginning I thought it was fun and wild to be spanked a little. The problem is I’ve changed my mind. Now he loves it. Too much. I don’t really like it anymore. Now when we’re being intimate he does it a lot during foreplay and I don’t care for it anymore.He will also give me a spank here and there outside the bedroom when no one is watching. That’s when it bothers me the most. I just want tender caressing during lovemaking . Obviously, I am planning on telling him I changed my mind about spanking. So what I am asking is for how to word this correctly, delicately and when the right time is. I want guy’s opinions on this. Please, if you’re going to tell me to end things or he’s an a hole for doing it at all or give me an immature, unhelpful answer. Keep it to yourself. I only want serious answers. Thank you 

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